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Rooftops of Prague

Previous Photography Shows in the US and abroad...

September 1997:  Cast Iron Gallery, Soho, New York, NY

December, 1998:  Dentsu Kosan Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

June, 2002:  Sparkasse, Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany

October, 2003:  Sparkasse, Schwandorf, Germany

November, 2003:  Sparkasse, Neumarkt, Germany

April, 2004:  Art-Life Mitsuhashi Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

August, 2006: Sulzbach-Rosenberg International Music Festival, Sulzbach-Rosenberg, Germany

August, 2006: Sparkasse, Nuestadt, Germany

July, 2007:  Landratsamt, Amberg, Germany

June, 2007:  Sparkasse, Neumarkt, Germany

July, 2007:  Wurzersommerkonzerte, Wurz, Germany

October, 2007:  German House, German Consulate, New York

February, 2008:  Sparkasse, Weiden, Germany

March, 2010:  New Art Center, New York, New York

More Information on the Exhibition at German House, 2007

More Information on the Wurzersommerkonzerte Exhibition 2007

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