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A Collection of Images from the World Over...

A 35 Year Photographic Journey

By Michael K. Yamaoka


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Limited First Edition • 12 inches x 12 inches (30.48 cm x 30.48 cm), 3 lbs. • 128 pages • Includes 103 color photographs and 4 essays, plus notes on the plates • With an introduction by Samuel N. Antupit, internationally renowned graphic designer • An ideal gift • Can be ordered with a personalized dedication by Michael Yamaoka

Iconic views of Manhattan, pages 18-19

Scenes of the American west, pages 106-107

Manhattan, from unusual perspectives, pages 14-15

Moss Temple at Kokedera, pages 112-113


Color, texture, and shape are the "words" that Michael K. Yamaoka uses to express the many shades of feeling and mood that are depicted so eloquently in this magnificent volume.  His subject: the scenes and objects of everyday life he encountered during his 35 year photographic odyssey.

The 103 images chosen by the Japanese-born photographer for this book were selected from more than 13,000 taken over the past 35 years, and distill and define his life's work.  From the earliest photo which dates to his college days in California to one taken on Madison Avenue on a recent spring day, the images portray a powerful vision of serenity, in which a scene of deep, almost monumental calm can also crackle with energy. Mike beckons us on a visual excursion that celebrates the drama, humor and offbeat beauty of the everyday world in graphically arresting images that were often the result of chance encounters.

The viewer moves on a journey from the glass canyons of Manhattan, to the countryside of the rural Northeast and the American West, then on to Japan, Ireland, England, Portugal and home again. On the way we are treated to such images as an iconic view of the Empire State building reflected upside down in a sidewalk puddle, a lonely lifeguard stand at summer's end etched precisely between sand and sky, a tiny inquisitive Japanese tot in red confronting an immense statue of a demon twenty times her size, intricate impastos of paint and rust that echo modern abstract painting.

"Mike is a truly daring photographer [who] dares to photograph anew what so many before him have turned into clichés.  He has seen familiar subjects from a new vantage point, revealing facets we have never examined closely, and forcing us to discover what we thought we had already explored thoroughly" wrote renowned graphic designer Samuel N. Antupit in the introduction.

"[Mr. Yamaoka's] ideas are spread across pages carefully orchestrated to make all kinds of life connections.  Some are compelling, others cathartic, and still others are near spiritual in their aspiration.  All are intensely poetic" writes Janet Adams Strong, an architectural historian and biographer of I.M. Pei, in an essay she contributed to the book.


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